Name: Kristi Trouba

Job: Risk Management Compliance Assistant

Years at Crete: 6


Hey, ya’ll! My name is Kristi Trouba and I work in the LOGS and Compliance Department with the electronic logs. And they have the best supervisor ever, Lori Hansen. And I work along with seven other amazing girls. I applied at Crete Carrier because my mom told me I need to get out of the house and I needed a room. So almost 6 years later I still work for Crete Carrier and I still live at home. When I started at Crete I knew absolutely nothing about the trucking company or anything really. It’s been really cool to see how our company has evolved over these past 6 years and different things we’ve been able to work with. When I started we were mid-paper logs and halfway through getting on just electronics so it’s fun getting to know the struggles that come with doing both of them for our drivers and being able to help them with both. Now that all of our drivers are mostly on electronic logs, our department has been able to open up to do other projects. I love drive cam because I love working one-on-one with our drivers and helping them to succeed in this company and their careers. Sometimes with the drive cam, I feel like the drivers don’t like what I’m seeing. But once they see that my advice working I feel like they start trusting me a little bit more. I’m not trying to shut you down, I’m trying to help you make money people jeez! Other than that, I really like working at Crete Carrier and I’m really excited to see what they have in store.

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