Name: Larry Hill

Job: Company Driver

Years at Crete:


I’m Larry Hill, I’m from Greenville Pennsylvania and I decided to start driving trucks because I got my CDL a few years ago and I’ve always been fascinated with truck driving, I’ve worked on trucks for several years and always wondering what it would, wondered what it would be like to drive. So I started looking for a job in the trucking industry and there were a few things I was looking for, looking for a common sense business plan, I was looking for somebody that took care of their employees, and I was looking for somebody that valued what a driver did on a day-to-day basis and I found that with Crete Carrier, that’s one of the reasons I chose to work for them. I came to the business, started driving for them and they were gracious enough to see that I already had experience in the trucking industry and that put me on a path where I’d only need a couple years or a couple years I’m sorry, a couple weeks of training before they put me in my own truck, so I went through that training and I had a very good training experience. Great training Tom, Tom Symonds was his name and I started driving for the company on my own within the first couple weeks I found that this company not only takes care of their employees, they take care of their equipment, they take care of their customers and they let you know all the steps of the way, we get weekly messages from the CEO telling us how the business is going, which is very refreshing and we get a part on the back for that. So that’s the reason I chose Crete Carrier. Thanks for your time.

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