Name: Tom Flinn

Job: Company Driver

Years at Crete: 2


Why hey there, my name is Tom Flinn. I’m a driver for Crete Carrier, and this is kind of a brief summary of how I got into trucking and how I came to be with Crete. First got my CDL in November of 2000. I drove for a company that didn’t pay very well; wife was starting to stress out over trying to keep on top of the bills so she decided I needed to come home after 3 and a half months. A few years later after she and I divorced, I went to another carrier. Drove for them for a couple of years, decided to take a break from trucking because I wanted to spend more time with somebody in my life. Of course eventually ended back in it. This job gets in you into your blood. Been with Crete since February of 2015, and I can honestly say this has probably been the best decision that I’ve made. this is actually the second time Crete had offered me a job, and the first time I actually had enough brains to take the job. They’ve treated me well. I’ve been paid better than anywhere else. The general rule, I’ve been a lot more productive than anywhere else. Sure I get frustrated from time to time, but that’s trucking. So anyway, that’s my brief story as far as how I came to be with Crete.

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