Name: Troy Lathrop

Job: Company Driver

Years at Crete:


Hi, my name is Troy Lathrop, I started driving 16 years ago. I decided that I don’t want to be at a factory anymore, So I went and got my CDL, I worked for my first company for about nine months when they went bankrupt, so I went local for about five years. We started having a family, so I needed to make more money, so I went dedicated for a few years, and the company I worked for lost that account so I went over the road. Been over the road sense, but I’ve been with a few companies and most companies just don’t prove what they say, that’s when I decided the last comment, I need to do some research, look into the companies better, talk to some of their drivers, and that’s what I did. I looked into Crete, I spoke with a recruiter for about a good three or four day if not 5 and basically just about everything she told me was true. Talked to many different drivers, they were all happy. So between the drivers, the recruiter, the pay package, the benefits, that’s what made my decision to come to Crete. I’ve been here, next month will be 2 years. Last year I made the most money that I’ve made in my career, which I’m hoping to top that this year. I have two kids, divorced, remarried. So right now it’s the best time with them, pay, and everything, I stay with crete for the benefits and the pay and I like the fact that they have an open-door policy. In fact, I even talk to Tonn Ostergard in Lincoln, which I thought was pretty cool, because mist CEO’s won’t do that. Crete has an open door policy, I mean you can go in and ask to speak anybody really and I like the fact that if you have an issue, they do their best to take care of it, they don’t push you off like most companies or tell you what you want to hear. They try to make changes, try to keep things going up to date and stuff to make the company better and to make it capable of drivers to succeed, they honestly are the first company that I’ve worked for where they care about you and not their bottom line, so those are the main reasons why I stay with Crete, and plus like I said the drivers are pretty nice and if you need anything they usually help you out. you know, they’re there to talk to. And that’s my story, so hope you enjoyed it. Have a good day and be safe.

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