Name: William Stover

Job: Company Driver

Years at Crete: 1


My names William Stover, Truck number 38226, this is my Crete story. I’ve been here for a year and half, long story short, I’ve had a bunch of different jobs growing up. When I was seven-years-old my father put me in a tractor trailer and just about my whole life he taught me everything I know about driving a truck, so one of the jobs that I had was driving straight trucks and I remember the smile on his face when I told him I got a a job driving straight trucks with air brakes. And he said “I knew i’d make a truck driver out of you just yet.” So, anyway one day I was driving a straight truck and in 2014 he passed away, so I sat my girl down and we’ve been struggling with some money issues, and I said “look, theres a way that we could make good money, I knew what dad used to bring in driving a truck.” I said “he taught me a heck of a skill and I could put it to use and make some good money.” So got on a greyhound bus, went to Prime, worked, took my written test, passed everything first try, stayed with them for about 7 months and I really wasn’t happy there, you really didn’t have a family feel, I mean it was a big company, I just wasn’t liking the miles I was getting and I was only making 40 cents a mile so I really wasn’t getting the greatest pay. So I started making phone calls and then a friend said, you know call Crete and Shaffer, I work over here at Crete and they’re a great company to work for so I called and talked to the Shaffer recruiter and I came over here, rental car to Lincoln. From the first day I started here I was very happy, you know, I got myself a good truck, started out in an international but now I got myself a good truck has since 90,000 miles on it. Like I said i’ve been here a year and a half, people ask me all the time, you know how do you like Crete and Shaffer, I’ll talk for an hour going down the road on the CB radio about how great this company is. If I had to recommend it to anyone, if you’re unhappy with your job I really suggest you call these people, you can see i’ve decked my truck out the way I like it, so I plan on buying this truck when it hits 400,000 miles. Wouldn’t make that kind of commitment if I didn’t like this company. If I had to recommend it to anybody, yes I would definitely recommend it. I’m very happy here, i’m very happy with my terminal and very happy with my asset manager, she know s me by my first name, you know she knows what I like, she knows where I like to go, Im not just a truck number to them. So that’s my Crete story, that’s how I ended up here. I hope you guys enjoyed it, basically went from job to job ad went from straight trucks to CDL’s, CDL’s to Shaffer. 31 years young, been here a year and half, and I can’t wait until I put 20 on the side of that sleeper. Hope ya’ll enjoyed it, have yourself a please day.

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