Credit Application

If you are currently driving for Crete Carrier Corporation, Capitol Casualty will use the following criteria when evaluating your loan application:

Your average monthly miles, number of safety points, amount of debt, length of time with Crete, amount of down payment, and credit score. Capitol Casualty offers low interest rates of 7% to 9%, and with qualifying credit, your down payment could be as low as $1,000.

Please contact the Crete Carrier Recruiting Team at 800-998-7474 to learn more about the Owner Operator Program. To start your credit application please click on the link below.

After you have completed the application, please click the send button at the top of the application and it will be submitted electronically. If you picked up the application from a terminal you may fax the completed application to 402-475-8005.

Start Your Credit Application

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